Transferable MG-17's

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Description: The Flugzeugmaschinengewehr MG 17 was based on the Rheinmetall MG 30 design and was the standard aircraft machine gun equipping most German combat aircraft at the start of WW II. It is a belt-fed, air-cooled, and recoil-operated machinegun that uses the standard machine gun ammunition, the Mauser 7.92mm. It was suitable for installing a synchronization device for shooting through the aircraft's own propeller.

The MG 17 was originally developed in 1936 by Rheinmetall in Borsig as a
fixed forward-firing armament for fighter aircraft such as the Messerschmidt
Bf 109. Later in the war, when the Luftwaffe no longer needed it's 7.9mm aircraft machine guns (7.9mm was considered obsolete as aircraft armament and the smallest caliber guns were henceforth 13 and 15mm machine guns), they were given to ground troops, mainly the field units of the Luftwaffe, because
the German ground forces suffered from a shortage of machine guns since
production of the MG 34 and MG 42 could never meet the demand. Reworking
the aircraft machine guns for the ground role began around 1942 and involved
new sights, a shoulder rest, provision for mounting the weapon on the standard
MG  tripods or a bipod, spent cartridge deflector and carrying sling. Official
production numbers of the MG 17 were 24,271 on 1.7.1944; it is unknown how
many of these had been already converted to ground use.

Unfortunately, most of the MG-17's (and other aircraft guns) were destroyed
at the end of the war. As mentioned earlier, the 8mm round was too small
for modern air combat and the state of ground based small arms had developed
beyond the MG-17. The countries that bought up the surplus arms, ignored
the aircraft guns like the MG-17 so they were turned into scrap.

I am not sure the history of this gun, but it most likely came into the
country still attached to one of the ME-109s brought over for testing during
the war. When the aircraft was sold to a private collector or museum, the
guns were probably removed and replaced with dummy displays and this one
sold to a class 3 dealer. It was purchased a number of years ago by Doug Champlain and was on display in the Champlain Fighter Air Museum until a couple of years ago when I purchased part of the collection.

When I received the gun, I had one of my designers create a mount attachment
so I could fire the gun without modifying gun itself. I wanted to be able
to quickly and easily restore the gun to original aircraft configuration.
What he came up with is a very clean, elegant solution. We also build an adaptor so the gun can use either the original MG-17 barrels or the cheaper MG-15 barrels. The gun needs some fine tuning to work with consistently with the ground mount but this is a great addition to any collection and with a little work, would be a great shooter.

This one comes with 1000 disintegrating links, engine mount, MG3 adaptor, MG3 tripod, optics & battery box for tripod, adaptor to allow use of MG-15 barrels, and a parts kit.

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